Be Sure to Call, You May Save Even More!

October 1st, 2014 by

Car Shopping

The Midway Auto Dealerships committed to hassle free pricing several years ago. This was done to ensure everybody got a great, quick and fair price on their next vehicle, no matter their level of negotiation skills. Under this structure, Midway publishes their new vehicle prices online for everyone to see. The only drawback is Chrysler and General Motors have additional unpublished rebates available to certain qualifying individuals. One common rebate in this category is a “conquest rebate.” An example would be if someone owns a Ford truck and is buying a RAM truck. Because that individual owns a competing brand, they may qualify for an additional $1000 rebate off of Midway’s Hassle Free price. Midway does not include this rebate online because not everyone qualifies. For this reason, the product specialists at Midway always ask a series of questions to anyone looking at a new vehicle to determine if the customer qualifies for any additional rebates. Unpublished rebates are also commonly associated with trade associations or national insurance companies. For example, if someone belongs to the National Home Builders Association and has a policy with Farm Bureau they may qualify for two $500 rebates on top of Midway’s Hassle Free Price. Be sure to call, email, chat or stop by either Midway location after researching prices online. It is the only way to find out if you qualify for even more savings!

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