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Has the time come for you to trade in and trade up to a new vehicle? Value Your Trade at MCDJR! Whether you need a larger model for your growing Grand Island family or you require a work truck for jobs out in Hastings, Midway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram offers a wide selection of new, used, and CPO models to match your needs. With our trade-in car calculator, you’ll quickly learn the value of your current vehicle so that you can easily budget for your next ride. If you’re a first-time seller or you’ve been driving your current model for a while you may be asking, “how to trade-in my car?” Follow our guide below to learn the process in minutes!

How to Trade-In My Car

Learning how to trade your car is easy when you team up with Midway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. Simply follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be driving home to Lexington in a new model in no time:


  • Once you’ve established your trade-in value, you can shop for new and used models that match your budgetary goals.
  • If the value of your trade doesn’t cover the cost of your upgrade, our financiers will help you score an incredible deal to pay for the remaining amount. 
  • While it may seem tricky to trade in a car with a loan balance, our team will go over the basics and help you decide what’s best for your situation. 
  • Once you’re ready to make a trade, head to our Kearney dealership with your vehicle, title, auto loan payoff information, registration, and key. From there, we’ll inspect your car and finalize our offer.

If you’re still asking, “How to trade-in my car?” don’t worry! We know the process can seem a bit confusing at first – so feel free to reach out to our team for personalized guidance.

Advantages of Trading in a Car

Offering your trade-in car to a dealership is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce what you owe on your next vehicle. Whether you plan to buy or lease, you can use the money from your sale to bolster your down payment. This will help you save in the long run! If you’re not ready to buy, you can still receive a competitive offer from Midway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. 

Trade-In Your Car Today! 

Do you still have lingering questions about trading your car? Visit us in Kearney to work directly with our expert team. As your local automotive resource, we take great pride in offering guidance to all our customers. If you’re eager to upgrade, apply for financing to get ahead of the game!