Hassle Free Pricing, Huge Incentives, Low Interest Rates!

October 1st, 2014 by

New Vehicles Shopping

People hear it all the time. Right now is the time to buy a new vehicle. However, looking at the facts of the current automotive industry show, right now really is the time! Several factors are contributing to this buyers market. We would like to outline them below.

  1. MIDWAYS HASSLE FREE PHILOSOPHY. Midway has made the commitment to try and change the way vehicles are sold. Every new vehicle on the lots are priced aggressively right on the lot and on line. We strive for two things. First, volume and second gaining customers for life. This Philosophy takes the pressure out of car the purchasing experience for us and the customer. Every customer knows exactly what they will pay for the vehicle before ever walking onto the lot.
  2. LARGE FACTORY INCENTIVES. Chrysler and General Motors are growing every day and have heavily incentivized every new vehicle they have. It is very common for one car to qualify for 2 to 5 different stackable rebates.
  3. LOW INTEREST RATES. It is no secret that interest rates are low. However, that means they only have one way to go. That way is up. Saving 2 to 3 points of interest on the car loan could save a consumer thousands on the overall cost of the car.
  4. HIGH TRADE VALUES. Over the last few years there has been a pent up demand in the used car market. Now consumers are ready to purchase preowned cars but the supply is low. This creates higher than normal trade in values. With Midway’s Hassle Free Philosophy they show you the actual cash value of your trade. No inflated numbers off a full MSRP. This number is the same value whether the customer trades the car in or sells it to Midway outright. This allows the customer to use actual information when making such a large purchase.

If you have been thinking about a new vehicle, now is the time!

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