The Five Most Common Types of Car Shoppers

October 1st, 2014 by

Car Shopping

While no two customers are alike, there are a few main reasons people tend to trade into new vehicles. At Midway Auto Dealerships, we like to get the full story on why you feel it is time for change. We like to sit down every one of our customers and ask a series of questions we refer to as a customer needs analysis. By understanding your situation and your motives, it allows us to serve you better and find the perfect vehicle rather than just selling you a car. Here are the top five reasons we have found people love to trade in their vehicles.

First is the, NEW MODEL BUYER. This customer sees the value in having the newest cutting edge technology and redesign that only a brand new vehicle can offer. This customer does not have to trade, but has been anxiously awaiting the release the redesigned vehicle they already know and love. These customers really keep us on our toes because they have been researching any piece of information available on their car, and sometimes know more about the car than we do. With all the new products Chrysler and General Motors have released over the last year, such as the new RAM truck, the new Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe and Suburban we have been seeing more and more of this customer.

The second type of customer is the MY ECONOMIC SITUATION HAS CHANGED buyer. As you can imagine there is one of two ways this customer is going. They want trade into a more financially friendly vehicle or it is time for them to upgrade. Over the last few years it is usually the latter of the two. One of the coolest things about selling cars is working with a customer who has been saving up, got a promotion or retired and they are finally prepared to purchase the vehicle of their dreams they have worked so hard for. There is nothing greater than seeing a smile on a customer’s face because they are proud of what they accomplished. Someone once said, “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself!” When a customer has put in the time and the hard work, it is awesome to be there to help them obtain their goal of a new vehicle.

The third type of customer is the MY FAMILY SIZE IS CHANGING buyer. This buyer is created out of necessity. Let’s be honest, you can’t carry six people in a five passenger vehicle. These customers are usually going through some life changes at this point so there values and priorities may be different from where they were just a couple of years ago. This customer can range from an excited couple expecting their first child, to a couple becoming empty nesters for the first time. There usually is a sports car involved somewhere. Whether this customer is saying good bye or hello to that sports car, it is always exciting to assist them and see them move onto the next phase of their life.

The fourth type of customer is the TOTAL LOSS buyer. We have seen plenty of this over the last few months with all of the hail and flooding that has been in our area. This is truly a unique situation. It is really hard to mentally prepare for a new vehicle purchase when you had no intentions of purchasing a week ago. Whether it is from flash flooding, hail, a breakdown or a vehicle collision it is never easy to deal with. We understand at Midway Auto Dealerships and that is why we want to know more about your situation to help make this process easier.

The fifth most common type of customer is the BARGAIN HUNTER buyer. This is one is really self-explanatory. This is the savvy shopper who has realized now is the time to buy for one reason or another. Whether it is a tax incentive, high trade value, low interest rates or high rebates, this person has got it figured out. Purchasing a new vehicle is never an investment but there are ways to save big when doing it and make the best of the situation. This is another reason we really try to get all the information up front to be sure you are saving every place you can.

No two buyers are exactly alike and not everyone falls into one of these categories. We completely understand that. Our trained Product Specialists’ number one goal is to find you the vehicle that fits your wants and needs. We would love to discuss your next vehicle purchase, figure out why now is the time and then get you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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